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Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM)

The increasingly complex requirements for discovering and managing digital certificates can be a burden for any organization. It’s time-consuming, highly manual, and costly. Not only is it challenging keeping track of when certificates were issued, but companies must also be fully aware of where the certificate was installed and when it’s expiring.

A Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM), Discovery and Provisioning solution can handle all stages of lifecycle management, including the issuance, renewal and revocation of certificates. This visibility into certificate lifecycle is critical for ensuring business continuity, reducing IT operational costs, and preventing costly downtime events that impact business services.

GlobalSign’s own CLM service, Auto Enrolment Gateway (AEG) is perfect for mid-size enterprises utilizing a mix of platforms and devices and looking for an automated certificate enrolment solution. The tool acts as a direct gateway between GlobalSign and the customer’s Active Directory – effectively extending the reach to practically every endpoint on the corporate network. AEG makes it simple to enrol, provision and install digital certificates regardless of OS or platform.

GlobalSign’s Certificate Inventory Tool (CIT) finds all SSL certificates on your networks, both internal and public-facing, regardless of the issuing CA. The resulting inventory is available in an easy-to-use portal, allowing you to run reports on usage, upcoming renewals, configurations, and CA issuance.

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