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Digital Signing Service

Despite efforts to go paperless, many organizations still find themselves relying on paper when it comes to applying signatures, which is impractical and inefficient. Digital signatures are a tried and trusted alternative to wet ink signatures and enable completely online workflows.

With GlobalSign’s innovative scalable cloud-based Digital Signing Service (DSS), you can deploy digital signatures into any application with one simple REST API integration. This means all supporting cryptographic components, including signing certificates, key management, timestamping server, and OCSP or CRL service, are provided in one API call with minimal development or overhead needed and no on-premise hardware to manage. As a leader in this space, GlobalSign has designed DSS to reduce the latency and overhead that come with homegrown digital signature solutions and other, more complex integrations.

GlobalSign’s DSS is already integrated with Adobe Sign and DocuSign, making it the easiest way to add legally accepted and publicly trusted digital signatures to Adobe Sign and DocuSign workflows. Once an organization’s DSS account is set up, employees can request signing certificates and start signing immediately within Adobe Sign and DocuSign.

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